About Alegría Fresh

Alegría Fresh designs and builds zero-waste, solar-powered regenerative organic microfarms employing our high-yield soil-based SoxxBoxx Gro system. Our high performance carbon negative urban farms repurpose unused spaces and are deployed over man-made surfaces close to where people live and work. We call it “tractorless” farming. AlegriaLivingSoil results in superior nutrient dense vegetables, salad greens, fruit, flowers and medicinal herbs. Our superior soil biology guarantees that your locally grown produce is of the highest quality and requires no toxic pesticides. At Alegría’s Green Farmacy, we grow more than 120 heart healthy cultivars using the most resource-efficient processes – up to 90% less water, 50% less fertilizer, 90% less energy and 70% less land than conventional farming. To maximize healing properties and provide immune support, our systems give you access to heart, gut and brain healthy produce that can be harvested and consumed within one hour, assuring you receive optimum flavor, texture and nutrition while reducing the environmental impact from inferior produce transported across continents.

The Alegría Farmacy is our newest fully-integerated zero waste, regenorganic carbon negative food production system and it’s mobile and scalable.

Discover how you can increase your resilience and strengthen your bodies ability to adapt to stress, plus boost your energy and improve your health by growing and eating the most bioactive just-picked greens, herbs and vegetables in your own personal Green Farmacy!

Come and visit Alegría’s LivingFarmStand today at The Farm + Food Lab in Irvine located at 8000 Great Park Blvd. We are open 10am-3pm Tuesday-Sunday.