Thank you for your staunch support of Alegria Fresh and our partnership with Second Harvest on our FarmBoxx program.  We greatly appreciate your generous support to date as well as your commitment to nutrition.

We are excited to share that we’ll be tripling the size of our SoxxBoxx farm and its production capacity over the next 3 months.  You may have experienced some brief interruption in service as a result of our relocation preparation and we appreciate your understanding as we grow forward.

Since inception just over one year ago, we have focused our attention to growing and donating fresh produce to Bracken’s Kitchen and believe that our best way forward is to continue to expand our capacity but also to put that precious high nutrition food to work to feed those that may not have regular access to produce of this quality.  Bracken’s Kitchen and direct feeder organizations like Bracken’s play a vital part in our joint mission to eliminate food insecurity coupled with our commitment to consistent access to nutritious foods throughout the county to those in need.

Effective today, FarmBoxxes will be put on hold while we begin relocating our SoxxBoxx farm to a larger site in front of the food bank. Once back up and running, we will resume FarmBoxx deliveries.  A member of our team will be in contact with you by e-mail to inquire if you’d like to continue the current service of delivered fresh produce moving forward.  Our FarmBoxx program should return before the end of the year.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Terri directly at