Soil Health = Human Health = Planetary Health

At Alegría, our team believes we must change the way food is grown. Six years ago we adopted 100% regenerative organic practices and have experienced tremendous improvement year over year in the quality of our produce. Robert Rodale, J.I. Rodale’s son coined the term “regenerative organic” to distinguish a type of farming that goes beyond sustainable. The “soil first” philosophy also takes into account animal welfare and fair farmworker practices. See

Regenerative organic agriculture not only maintains resources but improves them by teaming up with Nature as our partner. With only about 60 years of topsoil remaining employing current practices, nothing less will do.

We are a proud supporter of the new Regenerative Organic Certification movement. Known as ROC, it represents an “above organic” certification that truly prioritizes soil, animal welfare and farmworker rights above all else. We are proud to be a part of this initiaitive and believe we will help change the conversation surrounding food and human and animal health by adopting these principles. See